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Many new photos for Summer 2010. To come - a conetop menu sheet page!

A cone top beer can is a work of art, and so is the cap that goes on it.
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This site is a reference for cone top can collectors, to know which caps belong on their cans. The information contained here is a work in progress, and should never be used as the gospel.  This site will change as new information and images are obtained. This is a consortium for cone top collectors to combine their expertise to benefit their fellow collectors. Thank you to all that have contributed! If you have information or images (generated yourself) that will help correct inaccuracies or provide content, it is greatly appreciated.

Most caps come from bottles.  Since the bottling companies used the same cap for their cone top cans as their bottles (with some exceptions), there probably is a cap somewhere in the collecting community for your cans.

A cap is not listed as confirmed here unless I have seen proof, in the form of wall find cans, full cans, or identical full bottles. If a can has been seen many different times with the same cap, it may also be considered confirmed.  Some are obvious. 

During the cone top era, caps with tax stamps were used in various states. As a result you can probably find a tax statement cap for most cans. When possible, a non-tax cap is shown, but when no other example has been identified, a tax cap works just fine.  The same applies to the wire seal caps.  Any cap variations or possibilities are shown at the bottom of each listing.